Foreclosure Timeline

One question that comes up a lot is how does the foreclosure process work as far as the homeowner defaulting on their loan and the bank taking the property into their portfolio of REO’s (“Real Estate Owned”) — Here is a quick breakdown of how the process will proceed once the mortgage is in default after missing 3 or more payments:

Day 1
Notice of Default is filed with the county recorder, along with a signed
Declaration (if required). This Declaration is to acknowledge that
appropriate steps to contact the borrower were made at least 30 days
prior to recording the Notice of Default.


Within 10 Business Days

Mail Notice of Default to borrower(s) at the property address and any
additional addresses.

Notice of Default also sent to those who recorded a Request for
Notice (normally junior lienholders).

Within 1 Month

Mail Notice of Default to any parties that have a recorded interest in the property.


After 3 Months

Set Trustee Sale date.

25 Days Prior To The Trustee Sale Date

Send notification to the I.R.S (if applicable)

20 Days Prior To The Trustee Sale Date

Property is posted with a copy of the Notice of Sale.
Mail Notice of Sale to any parties that have a recorded interest in the property.
Resident/Occupant of the property is sent notification and property is posted
with “Danger/Warning Notice” in five languages, advising of the Notice of Sale.
Begin publication of Notice of Sale. Must be published in newspaper of general
circulation where property is located. Publication runs once a week for 3 consecutive


5 Business Days Prior To Sale Date

Expiration of the borrower’s right to reinstate the loan. The Beneficiary
can deny reinstatement and require payment in full to stop the foreclosure.

Sale Date

Public auction is held. The foreclosing lender generally opens the bidding for an
amount less than or equal to the outstanding debt. The property is sold to the
highest bidder, which will be the lender if there are no third party bidders.
Third party bidders must have certified or cashier’s checks up to the total
amount that are bidding. The trustee will require the total amount at the sale,
all cash (or equivalent).
Sales can be postponed by the Trustee or the lender for up to 365 days
from the original sale date.


(I want to thank Linda Moss from First American Title for clearly breaking down this timeline for me so that I could effectively share it.)

454 B St – Hayward… under contract!

Thanks for all who have made inquiries and took the time to come and see this unique home in Hayward. We got a lot of interest and are now currently under contract. If all goes well with this one we should be closing escrow quickly. For those that didn’t have their offer selected, please keep in mind that often in this market unforeseen things happen during escrow and there may be an opportunity if something like that happens with this one.

2 Bed/2 Bath in Hayward

Just put a new listing on the market yesterday that is quite a unique home that was built in 1910. This property is extremely close to downtown Hayward and is wheelchair accessible. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please contact me or point them in the right direction… it is not a short sale or foreclosure, and it won’t stay on the market long!

454 B St - Hayward

Check it out further by clicking HERE.

Yay! More Yelp reviews!

David Zabarte at Keller Williams

I would love to talk to some more folks who are either thinking about selling their home and are wondering if it is possible do accomplish a move-up in this down market, or any buyer looking to purchase a home now and is ready to take advantage of the record low interest rates.  I have helped a bunch of clients get through some tough sales, and I can certainly fill you in on what obstacles are out there and to navigate with the best approach for this current real estate market! Don’t wait! I will even meet up with you at your favorite coffee spot and buy you a cup of coffee if you’d like to meet me in person first in a “neutral” environment so to speak.

I got ANOTHER stellar review of my services on — LOVE that site!

Here is the review of a client I helped move to Pleasant Hill from their
Concord home:
“My family and I finally decided to move last year. We had lined up a realtor who came highly recommended from a family member, but we immediately realized it just didn’t “feel right”. So we decided to keep looking.

I had met David about a month prior through a mutual friend, and learned that he was a realtor. Since we didn’t love our current guy, we decided to meet with David, and see if we’d fit.

The first thing we noticed was that he is 100% passionate about the buying and selling of real estate. We sat around our kitchen table for 3 hours getting a much needed education. My wife and I knew immediately that David was the guy.

He guided us through every step of the way, and made the process as painless as possible, and even though they say there are ALWAYS roadblocks, and unexpected ‘gotchas’ with selling and buying a house, it all went incredibly smooth.

We’re so happy to be in our new home, in our new town, but should we ever decide to move again, we’ll absolutely use David. I would recommend him to anyone.

Thanks David!” — Tom L.
Tom… you are a true gentleman and I’m proud to have you living in my town!

I love! New review from Steve M.

I love it when a client takes the effort to post a review of my services. I work hard to protect my clients and to make the buying and selling process as comfortable as possible which is sometimes quite challenging… getting even a little bit of public validation is always great for an ego stroke. Here is the latest review posted by a client on Yelp:

“I use multiple Realtor’s throughout the Bay Area, and I am extremely happy to add Mr. Z. to the top of my list. His skills and work ethic made my last sale completely effortless. He was precise on all aspects of the property, and his attention to detail throughout the sale was spot on! I look forward to more dealings with David” — Steve M.

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