Closed my first HUD REO purchase, and got a really great review from the buyers!

Just got another very much appreciated review on Yelp by a wonderful couple that I had been working with for some time now. It is commentary like this that make all the long hours and hard work worth it for me!

What can I say about David that hasn’t been said before? Anyone who has ever worked with David will tell you, HE IS THE BEST! (that needs to be in bold with several underlines)

We started out with another agent, and being first time home buyers we didn’t know a lot about the process, however it didn’t take us long to figure out we weren’t in very good hands. Buying a home can be a long and often frustrating and occasionally discouraging process. If you expect to make it to the other end of this bumpy road with the occasional dark tunnel you need to have a realtor who you trust, someone who can shine light on the things you don’t understand and tell you when it’s time to take a detour. You need to be able to trust in your realtor to help you through what can be a very stressful process, if we didn’t fully trust David to take care of us we wouldn’t be the proud homeowners we are today!

We didn’t have the easiest budget to work with, we didn’t have the easiest loan to work with, we didn’t have the most convenient areas we were looking in and David never made us feel that we weren’t at the top of his priority list. The property we got into contract on was a headache from the very beginning, it wasn’t your typical sale, but David navigated us through until the very end calm and reassuring all the way! I could go on and on about how great David is to work with, but I’ll be honest it’s all been said before..we found David here on Yelp and the glowing reviews can’t begin to do him justice! He really is THE BEST! I will recommend him to my family and friends and anyone else who asks because I can’t imagine them going through this process with anyone else! Thanks again David!!!!


This was my first HUD purchase and it was quite the learning experience (overall very positive but a lot of difficult obstacles.) I really want to thank the listing agent that I worked with for being a consummate professional and very much appreciate his openness and willingness to be a resource for myself and my clients throughout the process working with HUD to get the property and close escrow. My clients had been working with one of the big named institutional lenders before they came to me, and we did end up having to scramble once the underwriter on their loan basically shut down the process. My lender stepped right in and got my buyers going without a hitch. While challenges were faced an overcome… I am at the end of the process just very thankful that we were able to get my buyers settled in a nice home that they can live in and raise their family.

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