Here are a few pics from my trip to Denver

I thought I would post a couple pictures of my trip to Denver. I went out there for the first Western Cast Iron Conference. There has been a biannual Southern Cast Iron Conference that takes place at the Sloss Furnaces (a historical monument now to the industrial cast iron industry) in Birmingham, Alabama.

This brave leather clad individual is charging the cupola.

The conference draws artists who cast in iron from all over the country, but since there has until now not been any place out west where the artist can come together, the Western Conference was created as a sister conference to the one that takes place out at Sloss.

I went with my group from Diablo Valley College and the folks at the Crucible in Oakland. Our crew got to do the performace iron pour where we put on the performance art piece, “The History of Bowling.” Very fun, since it involved casting iron bowling balls that were broken out of their sand molds while still having molten centers… hefted up onto a ramp and rolling down while the molten metal from the center of the ball got flung out igniting the parafin wax lined metal ramp and then crashed into the ceramic shell bowling pins that had been set on fire with combustible liquids. All in all a very crowd pleasing spectacle since this is done after dark and the orange glow of the bowling balls lasts for about 45 minutes.

Another performance of “The History of Bowling” is suppose to be put on at the up coming Fire Arts Festival that goes on in July at The Crucible. Fun stuff!

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