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Market Snapshort for Contra Costa and Alameda County Real Estate Market Based on Closings From 3/14/13

I get a lot of questions about real estate, but right now the number one question I am getting is what is going on with the market, I understand that it is a pretty hot sellers market?

Uh… yep.

Here is just how hot it is:

Out of 54 homes recorded on 3/14/13 as sold listings only 11 of them were sold for under asking… and I bet you ANYTHING that if I investigate why there will be reasons such as issues with the home that were discovered which required some negotiations, like section 1 damage from a pest report or perhaps roof repair issues that may have been discovered, etc.

Take a look at the closed data and see for yourself:

For an overview of the data in spreadsheet format CLICK HERE

For actual pictures of the homes CLICK HERE