{Please take note… these testimonials are the 5 Star filtered reviews that I received from clients posting to Yelp! — The unfortunate thing about people who find me on Yelp and then leave me a review is that they are often are not frequent enough posters and so their reviews get swept off and buried by Yelp! automated filter algorithm. Sometimes for no reason the reviews come back and others get taken away, but I am proud of all my hard earned reviews and thank all of my past clients so much for taking the time to provide feedback for others to consider using the service that Simon and I work so hard at to help our clients at the highest possible level that we are able to give.}
Travis Kiley


David was absolutely an absolutely fantastic realtor and I would highly recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat. He and his partner Simon made the purchase of our first home extremely enjoyable, easy, and quick. Although there were plenty of anxiety-ridden moments and many, many questions, David was always there to help us in any way possible. He always returned emails and calls very quickly, which was greatly appreciated. He showed up at inspections and went to see properties we were interested in, even when we couldn’t be there ourselves. David always brought a wonderful sense of humor as well, but was always very informative at the same time. If you are looking to buy a house, whether it’s your first or tenth, David and Simon are the way to go.


Josh Smith


I have nothing but GREAT things to say about David.

When my wife and I decided to move to Contra Costa County and buy our first home, we thought we would try and leverage technology and use Redfin.  Their App is fantastic, and we liked the idea of getting a commission rebate.  However, our Redfin experience was less than stellar, and we decided to go with a traditional real estate agent.

We found David on Yelp, and we were impressed by his multiple 5-star reviews.  I called him and explained our situation – I work in commercial real estate lending, my wife and I both knew what we want in a house, and we just needed somebody to get us the keys and write up the contract.  He seemed to really understand that, and I appreciated it.

David (along with his partner, Simon) took the time to meet with us and get a sense of what we were looking for.  They showed us a half dozen houses (most of which we picked out), and they always got us in quickly.  I didn’t feel like they were pushing any houses on us, which was a real concern of ours.

When we finally found the house we wanted, David was great about putting together an offer quickly.  We knew the sellers had purposefully set a low price, so we expected multiple offers.  Because we were getting an FHA loan, we were concerned that we wouldn’t be competitive against other bidders.  David knew where we could make our offer more attractive (such as shortening the inspection periods) without risking a serious problem down the road.

When our offer was finally accepted, we felt so relieved – but then, the fun started.  One of the best parts of working with David is that you get “two for the price of one”.  Once our offer was accepted, David’s partner Simon Watson stepped up to guide us through the rest of the process.  And even then, if Simon was ever unavailable, David was always ready to take our call.

I can wholeheartedly recommend David if you are looking to buy a home in Contra Costa County!  The process was smooth, and I had a great time working with them.


Kristina Ervin-Funk


I originally found David on YELP because of the great reviews, and I was not disappointed.  He and Simon helped us with a sale and a purchase.  They were professional, reliable, friendly, and all around great to work with.  I will use them again for any future real estate needs!


Randi Hayworth


Second time working with David, just as great as the first!

I worked with David two years ago when my husband and I were purchasing our first home with a VA loan.  Working with him on selling this home was just as great as when we purchased it!  David is thorough, knowledgeable, and goes above and beyond when you need it.  Seriously, have you ever known a realtor to come to your house at 10:00 p.m. when a stolen car gets driven through your yard and fence…three days after it went on the market?!  David did!  Even helped the police get the photos they needed before the car was towed away.  No joke, this actually happened.

Within minutes of meeting David and his partner Simon, you will feel like they are not just great realtors, but great friends.  You will get honest advice.  You will get the best information out there.  You will get through the stress of buying/selling a home knowing they have your back.

With the challenge I gave David on my most recent transaction, I can only hope he and Simon take me on as a client again when I get ready to purchase another home.  Please David & Simon, I promise not to have another stolen car crash into my house!  Hopefully…

Stop looking for a realtor, you found him.  Call David.

Sabrina Jang

Simply wonderful.

I was looking to buy my first home in February and after meeting with Simon & David I learned a ton about the home buying process. It never felt like it was a speech/spiel. They were very thorough and welcoming of all my questions and even answered questions I didn’t realize I had. They really go above and beyond. Super patient.

Due to change in circumstances I had to pause my search for 5 months.  In that time David emailed me to check in but it was never pushy. I appreciate that they didn’t make it feel like I was a waste of their time. This was quite a contrast to other real estate agents who can be pushy or dismissive.

Once I was ready to buy again, Simon & David were quick to welcome me back and map out our plan including areas to focus on and realistic price points. They really have a great grasp of current market conditions and the East Bay Area.  While looking at houses with Simon, he was great in navigating me thru cosmetic fixes vs red flags!  He offered priceless expertise and insight with great experience to back. He had lots of questions to help me narrow down the type of house I was looking for.

When the right house came around Simon was immensely knowledgeable in guiding me to a competitive offer. Working with both Simon and David during the offer process was seamless. They were excellent with timely communications.  I primarily worked with Simon but David was always up to date on my status. I really appreciate their great partnership.

Simon was there for every inspection and was a wealth of knowledge. I truly felt like he was acting as the buyer-agent and protecting my best interest.

After all is said and done I’m a homeowner because I had such wonderful real estate agents by my side. Many thanks to Simon & David!!! I have already recommend them to friends and family.

Jason Ferguson

David helped my wife and I find our 1st home back in April. Our budget was tight but David was there 100%, even when things got ugly with the lenders. What I like most about David is how personable he is, he is friendly, loves to get to know you and will always be up front with you. David was very good at passing on a boat load of knowledge that we needed to make the absolute best decisions as 1st time buyers. My mistake was choosing a lender prior to talking to David. The lenders messed up several times extending the time needed to be approved for the loan which almost cost us the house. Please speak with David because he knows many reliable people in the industry that can help reduce time and the headaches of mistakes being made… much like the headache i placed upon myself. You live and learn and I can tell you without a doubt that David will be the only Realtor I contact in the future when I choose to sell this current home I am in and when I buy my next. Thank you David and I hope others will use you for their next home purchase!


Gonzalo Valdes


David and his business partner Simon Watson work as a team and are as professional, knowledgeable and patient as you could imagine.  When my wife and I started our search in Walnut Creek a few months ago, I was referred to David by a friend at work. Although we ended up working mostly with Simon just because of the way our schedules fit, we found them both to be very easy to work with and appreciated their excellent communication skills.  To start, they spent time asking us questions and then they listened to what our needs were.  Since David grew up in Walnut Creek he was very knowledgable about the different neighborhoods and schools. Simon had a keen eye for spotting issues as we viewed house after house.  He spent a lot of time explaining the process through each stage we went through and never grew tired of all our questions.  He was with us until the end of close and it was a big comfort to know that he was only a phone call or text message away. The end result was that we found a house that is perfect for our family and in a great area. Thanks David and Simon!

Anwar Hugais

I was ready to buy my first home, so I reached out to David and his partner Simon Watson. They were extremely professional and timely in their communication and paid extreme attention to detail. They explained the process every step of the way and were extremely patient, even when I was not. They helped me find my perfect gome and worked to coordinate all inspections for me and worked with the lender to make sure that they had all necessary paperwork in order to close before my move in date. I would highly recommend David and Simon to any first time home buyers!

Alicia Laub

David is an awesome team member with Simon Watson. David stepped in when Simon went out of town and took the lead by advocating for me (the buyer) to negotiate great terms with the seller. He was very professional in his work verbally and in his writing. I highly recommend David Zabarte.

Amy Green

David goes above and beyond what needs to be done when buying a home!  He patiently showed us numerous houses, all with a two year old in tow.  When we finally found our house, the sellers were very difficult to deal with. David was calm through out the entire process.  He explained all our options and was present every step of the way.  His attention to detail and keen knowledge of the process were critical during negotiations and we got a great price on our home. David is a pleasure to work with, I highly recommend calling him!

Mary Sarrica

Our situation changed and we did not end up going through David, but I wanted to echo the reviews here [Yelp!]. Our interactions with him were friendly and pleasant, and he was patient and great taking time to explain things. I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending him to someone in need of his services.


Parham Razi

We found David on Yelp and all these great reviews turned out to be very true! David is personable, caring, detail oriented and always available to his clients (whether they need important questions answered or just some moral support offered). What we thought would be a very stressful experience of selling our first home ended up being a quick, painless, even enjoyable transaction… all thanks to our Superhero Realtor. He really is good at what he does and it shows! If you want someone who will go the extra mile and always fight for his client’s best interest, this is your only stop (don’t look anywhere else!).


Sean Ewald


I’m not surprised to see that my realitor is so well reviewed. Buying my home was a challenging process for me because I bought a short sale. David had been so patient and not a pushy sales type of person, and I really appreciated that he would take me out to see homes and not try to “sell” me on any of them. He would point out the areas of the homes that represented a good resale value, and things about the houses that might make it harder on resale. We had been looking at homes in several parts of Concord, and I really had my mind set on being out in Dana Estates area but then a home came available right on the border of Walnut Creek and Concord that I could easily ride my bike to work from, and the house was in good condition, BUT it was a short sale that had an auction date set for 1 week from when we saw it. David got my offer accepted and the auction date got pushed back and I eventually got to move into my house. Thanks to David’s thorough preparation of my expectations I managed to hold my emotions together through the challenging escrow period. What I didn’t realize was going to be so hard was keeping myself sober to the idea that the escrow could fall apart if the seller’s bank didn’t keep pushing back the auction date until we could close. David was such a pro… I really feel grateful to have someone like him that I could trust with such a big purchase. Since my house was purchased I’ve seen him work just as hard to help a work buddy of mine get into another house that was also a short sale that was even more of a challenge than mine was. I’m impressed that someone can continue to do a job where there are elements that come up that are out of your control that can mean all of your effort doesn’t get you paid because when I work on a car, I find the problem, I fix the problem, I get paid. I didn’t realize that there was so much involved in buying a home other than that a realitor just opened the door and collected a lot of money. After my experience I have much more respect for the job that David does, and I’m proud to have made such a good friend. Thanks David!  –Sean


Tim Parsons


I bought my house two years ago and I am STILL talking about what an amazing job David did! He got me into the place I wanted, for the price I was willing to pay. Oh, and that was against 5 other bidders! And did I mention that the market was in melt-down? In short, the guy was amazing!

David handled everything so well that I had little more to do than pick the house and sign the papers. He is professional, honest and understands what it takes to make your dream of home-ownership a reality.

Thanks again, David!

Daniel Ballon

Anyone who’s had the opportunity to close with David knows you’re not just getting a realtor with valuable local knowledge of the Contra Costa (Walnut Creek/Pleasant Hill/Concord/Martinez) area, you’re getting someone who makes it his mission to see you get what you want house/location/price-wise when you want it, no easy feat given our busy schedules.

David took us on numerous trips through the areas we were interested in, took our on-the-spot emails about places we explored on our own, and guided us through the process of making an offer, fielded calls from the bank, the seller and everyone in between, ultimately keeping everything on track to closing.

Bethany Wexler

In a couple weeks we get to move into our new Walnut Creek home!

When my husband and I started seriously looking to buy our first home, we never imagined that it would happen so quickly, smoothly and that we would find such a beautiful place.  I think that a lot of that had to do with all the hard work that our realtor, David Zabarte, put into the process.  David is professional, but fun to work with and made this stressfull experience a little more enjoyable.  Looking for a house takes a lot of time and I stress the importance of working with someone with oppinions you trust and who you enjoy being with.

When we finally found the house that we were ready to put on offer on, David stayed up late with us to get the offer in quickly.  Because of his hard work late into the night, we got the offer in and accepted before a competing offer came in the next day.  David was great at organizing the loan, inspections, explaining the piles of paperwork we had to sign through that month and we got the keys to our house in about a month from the time we made the offer.

If you are thinking of buying a house I would recommend you meet with David and find out what he can do for you.  He got us the home we were looking for in record time (for way under asking price), so what else can I ask for!

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